• Art,  Vampire


    This Artwork is to complete my novel who haven’t complete yet.
    A novel about a vampire kingdom, a humble girl, love, and war. 
    Austin maurice.
    A prince who is a vampire, live in vampire kingdom. 
    He has a wife who named Clarisse D’Nome who merely a human.
    She has golden hair. aqua marine blue eyes. a humble girl who live in the village.
    and a pure blood who every vampire wants her blood to drink for their power.
    Her husband is Austin maurice. She married him by accident in her life. 
    After a day by day she know about Austin, she realized that Austin is her soulmate who created by God.
    The Queen (Austin’s mother)
    I laughing when I read my old notes. I missed my old self when I was a teen who barely never fear about dreaming, a crazy idea, and free laughing. 
    I’m so happy when I read my old notes about my past.
    How about u ? do u happy when u read your old notes ?
    Well share ur story, I’ll be really glad to read yours ^^
    Thankyou for reading
    Hope it inspire you