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    My Weekends #2

    Hello readers ^^
    Just sharing my random thought & my lovely weekends with my family

    Hello .. It’s almost new year, in here the city start going crazy. Traffic jam every where.Well .. Almost every weekends, my family and I going to this beautiful beach.

    It’s just we can’t say no to ignore this beach. Alhamdulillah .. how beautiful my country have these paradise island.
    Here’s just little snapshot from me :

    Found this granny who want to finds some bottles & glasses of aqua former. Even if in this condition, she still showing us her laughing and enjoying face in this hard life situation.

    Well for this month, just my random tought, I always feel life is just like competition.

    When I saw blogger who have more viewer, more friends, more interesting post, and have a more weighty writings, or when I give a speech in front of people even I already memorize all my speech and give a good body language & do a good eye contact¬†and they’re still not listening/pay attention to me, I kinda feel bad, stupid, sad being ignoring, feel low self-esteem. I always ask to my self ” What I have to do to get better than them ?,” I feel kinda not smart enough, not good enough, not talent or good enough comparing to them.
    Life is hard, it’s uneasy, you can’t always being happy, you can’t always being sad. I told to my self,” Just accept your self just the way you are, babe”, ¬†just like Bruno Mars’s song. God creates human differently, every human have different path, different life. If you being ignoring, feel low self-esteem, just ignore that bad feeling, create your beautiful story in your day, praise, trust, and respect your self. Life goes on, time will show you another things to create your self become more beautiful, more graceful, smarter to face this life.
    Well .. I always better when I told my self that thought.

    My beautiful sandals

    My Outfit today, kinda feel dull when I saw this picture.
    Found this polices, they drive around the road using that big motorcycle.
    Mr. President came so the security being tightened, we found a lot of army & polices, I took a quick picture with my baby. Kinda felt afraid or scared if I caught photographing them.
    Can’t say no to Mr. Baso Mushroom Noodles
    As usual, my signature lips,
    Well .. That’s all for this weekends
    How do you spend your weekends?
    Share your story ^^ I’ll be really glad to read yours
    Thank you for reading
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    Short Trip to Bedugul, Bali

    Well here we are .. Bedugul, Bali.
    I went to this place when I got holiday.
    This is my granny neighboor house. It’s pretty beautiful because we can see the lake scenery from here. I went here when my granny have some businnes with her neighboor. So my brother & me went to some beautiful places & took a photos of them.

    I got lots photo at here. Well, it’ll be pretty nice if someday I live at here. ( I want to spent my old life in this place like this). Viewed the beautiful scenery. Wondering when my times of happiness will come. Sometimes I dream to spent my honeymoon in this place. Well, hopefully it can be truth someday when I get married.

    “Come on, brother,” I said. I was waiting him too long when he got excited taking a lots photo at here.
    We chose to go forward to my father land. It’s pretty amazing at there.

    This is Our land. At my left side & my right side. My father decide to sell them, but he didn’t find a good price so we still have it. I walked calmly. Tried to enjoy and took a deep breath from fresh air. The air felt so cold & fresh. I was so happy visited this places, well I admitted I got sick while trip to go here.
    The fog came down quickly. We had to walk faster because it started drizzle. It was noon but the temperature was dropped until 22-20 Celcius. Pretty cold than the temperature in Denpasar. It’s XL tower beside my right side.
    There was some strawberries plant. It wasn’t harvest yet. You can see the strawberries size is sooo small.

    Well, I found a beautiful place, so my narsis mood was ON. It become colder. You can see the fog is around me, came to get closed to me. Brrrr…..

    We decided to ran back because of drizzle. After arrived, we went to Shalat Dzuhur. After that we wanted to have lunch. I chose a special culinary at here ” Rabbit Satai ” and Meat Gulai. To heard rabbit, that cute nose animal become food like this make me felt cruel, but when I looked the benefits behind the meat, it more healthy and make your body warm than you eat chicken satai. It’s pretty expensive at here to buy lunch than in Denpasar.

    After had lunch. I went to Toilet. The Toilet is inside the flower shop. The flower view is very beautiful. It’s so nice when u want to go to toilet and get a view like this.
    After than, we decided to move on, back to our home. But before that, we decided to visit Batur Lake.
    It’s not complete if we didn’t go to that place. This is scenery from the open gate.

    After arrived here. We took a lots of photo. The wind was pretty strong and it freezing at here. I felt my cheek and nose become red. Actually, I wanted to rent boat or duck to view around the lake, but the fog had become obstacle. So we can’t rent that. After that we went home. It so sad the trip is over. But I might come here someday when I have time. Deeply in my heart, I hope I can go back to this place while spending my honeymoon with my lovely husband.