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    R.I.P Jasmine

    In this post I just wanna share that my cat Jasmine last night was already gone to heaven.
     I feel so sad she’s gone because her strange diseases and she suffered so much.
    She always accompany my family for 3 years. She has a fluffy hair, fat, and big body so I always feel statisfied when I hug her. But then she changed to be slim, her pee smell soo bad not like the usual, so we try to called a doctor, but the doctor still didn’t know what kind of disease, then tomorrow after the doctor checked her, she’s gone. I heard my mom cried, then I found she’s already lied down, not moving, and lifeless. Her eyes stared blankly. My mother cried a lot, I was shocked. It happened so fast. Last morning I met her and caressed her head.

    I know nothing last forever and everything will return to God.
    Jasmine we always love you.
    Rest in peace Jasmine.
    Hopefully you’ll be much happier upside there in Heaven.