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The Biggest Starbucks In Southeast Asia

Good morning everyone. I hope you guys are fine. While we’re still living on earth and there’s no zombie apocalypse *Alhamdulillah there’s no zombie on earth, why don’t we sit back on the comfy couch, while sipping a cup of coffee or tea, and I’ll share you my experiences when I visited the biggest Starbucks in southeast Asia. Let’s check it out, shall we ?

Starbucks Reserve Dewata located at Jl Sunset Road No.77, Seminyak, Kuta Bali. It’s open around 8 am-11 pm. At first thought when I visited this place, there’s a lot of artworks from multiple talented designers. Like this art creatures example that somehow creating coffee sanctuary vibes. Each artwork describe the process how to plant coffee bean, how our local farmers grow it and turned it into a rich coffee cultures in our countries.

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Me walking from toilet, their toilets clean anyway.

After I opened the door, a lot of barista welcome me & my friend, a scent of coffee being roasted are flying in the air. So good I can smell this beautiful scent that totally woke me up from sleepy head. Anyway we can see the process of hand crafted cortado from barista on starbucks bar as you can see on this photo. It was so beautiful and unique at the same time, yet I can heard the sound of coffee bubbling.

A lot of food coffee, and dessert were served. For dessert like macaroon, and other things, the price around from the cheapest one 18k- until 100k. I ordered one of my favorite Starbucks drink : Vanilla cream frappucino blended *so in loved with the smooth vanilla taste blending well with the coffee, I regretted it soon when I ordered the tall size, the tall size charged 62k when the grande one charge 66k but larger, damn it was so delicious and I wanted more but it was so damn expensive for me to spent money only for 1 cup of coffee, maybe next time. Alright.. Let the pictures tell the story, shall we ?.

I want to buy one of those food, they’re such calling me ” Momma.. please eat me,”
A coffee corner, I want to buy one of those coffee powder please ?!

When I arrived at second floor, I had see many things such as studio exhibition room when we can watched some local farmer talking their experiences about growing coffee plants *you can watch it on my YouTube channel if you want to see more. There’s a nursery room, library room, a special meeting room for barista class, and of course we can see the beauty of contemporary architecture mixed with minimalism style, a lot of talented designer are working creating this beautiful coffee sanctuary.

Nursery room at second floor
Mural arts painting by artist @lapantigatiga
The beautiful stairs, looks elegant & minimalism
Hello there.. My dreams..
Pretending to read books for Ig feed haha

There’s a lot of people and tourist who comes and goes to queue for taking pictures. Well.. it’s beautiful place for Instagram pictures & feed. Especially this stairs. Look at the bamboo hand-crafted. It so big and look amazing as well.

Me behind wall hanging woven macrame
I just want to look good for my self

It was worth the time when I visited this place. Totally I felt like I had a coffee trip. The concept is like coffee sanctuary, so we can see there’s a coffee plants in the special garden, which Arabica & Robusta coffee plants, it was so amazing experiences. If you want to know more you can watch it about my coffee trips on my youtube channel, shall we ?

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