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Holla ..

In this post .. I just want to share you my old photograph *it was 2 years ago and it became rotten in ma draft.

It was me and ma friends doing some college project to passed the exam.

Damn dat time gone so fast!! and this t-shirt was designed by me .. somehow I hate the fact that my college took it away from me.. Oh God .. I wish I can turn back the time like Doctor Strange did it!

I remember how I still naively believed about something that doesn’t existed in ma life ~ well .. does not exist now doesn’t mean that it will not exist in your life ~ like love for example.

Sometimes .. I feel like I lost my self .. I lost for what I’ve been looking for .. I feel lost that I don’t know what I want to do, what I’ve been working for and it turn out that it doesn’t go well like you used to be expected before.

But hey .. I think that’s something normal that happen in life .. feel lost .. being found .. then lost again .. it just that I want to keep walking .. moving on .. keep creating something that I love .. and designed a life that I love

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How about you ?

Have you ever feel lost in your life ?

Share ur story ^^ will be really glad to read yours


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