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My Weekends #3 : Beachwalk – Kuta

Hello readers ^^
How’s your weekend ?

Actually these Friday I’m going to ‘sidang’ please friends wish me luck. I hope it become successful at least I’m not being nervous or suddenly being clumsy, please wish me luck guys .

So because hari jum’at nanti aku bakal sidang my mom said,”  Why don’t we hang out today ? just release your stress darling, don’t waste ur time inside your room again!,” so I said ” Okay Mom,” asyik mamaku baik beud deh akhirnya for my weekend I just went to Beach walk Bali ~ This is my second time going to this place, and It’s been a while I’m not posting any fashion or photograph.

So here we go ~

Actually this is my second time going to Kuta Beach since 14 years ago, it’s been really long time huh ? My home place is in Bali but I never hang out with ma friends or family to this beach. Why ? perhaps that time I was too busy with my schedule (that time when I was in elementary-high school I never had time to hang out coz I always spent my time with extra curricular activities) but now I’m a college student who’ll graduate in next 2 month. So .. I have more free time to hang out with ma friends/family and it’s so fun too when I figured it out my home town just act me like I’m the tourist, example like they selling handicraft/souvenir with a high price or speaking with Javanese accent and called me ” Bu Haji”.

Well when my father speak Balinese and tell we’re from Bali they’re all laughing and never guessed that we’re from Bali (such a weird scene).

Many tourist alias bule bengong bengong when they see me. It may be because my fashion style (aka hijabers). Some of them looking me and their expression constantly having jaw drops, some of them looking me with a weird eyes, some of them looking my lips, then my blouse, then they smile widely to me.
Me : “Mom, is that any weird thing for my fashion today?,”

Mom : “Nope.. You looks good! But it’ll be purrfeect if u wearing boots!,” she said.

Well, I love boots n I always will, but the weather in Bali isn’t match with boots, it’s always be flip-flops. I think boots is perfect if my hometown in Bandung. So .. why the people pay attention to me ? well maybe I guessed it because my blouse with my hijabs n red lips is so ‘eye catching’ between the people who always wear bikini at here.

Yes.. being different n being bold, Why not ?

But today the weather is sooo HOT! Damn I hate this weather.
Even though it’s cloudy it’s still HOT T.T

Pretend to enjoy, well I do enjoy the scenery, but not the weather. The weather makes me sick all the time.

Here comes the Beachwalk ~

In front of Zara ~

On the roof top

Damn ‘Silau meen’.

More detailed about my blouse n red lips ~

Guess what I wear on my lips ? xD

Your comment always made my day
Thank you for reading my fashion post ^^

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