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The Questions How to Find Out The Company is Cruelty-Free/Halal or Not

Assalamu’alaikum beauty readers

Bingung produk favoritmu belum jelas kehalalannya ? cari di internet belum ada link valid bahwa produk favoritmu halal/cruelty free ? Kagak usah pusing pusing, tanyain saja langsung ke perusahaannya. Di post ini aku ingin mengsharing pertanyaan” apa saja untuk mengetahui sebuah perusahan itu halal/cruelty free atau tidak. Let’s check it out ~ Oh iya, berhubung sharing is caring, sekisar berbulan” lalu aku lihat surat ini dari mybeautynewbie.com *meskipun ada sedikit yang kuubah & kutambahkan, aku juga ingin mengsharing juga ke beauty readers ^^ “How to Find Out The Company is Cruelty-Free/Halal or Not”.

Biar bisa dilingkup secara global, pake bahasa inggris yaah ^^ kalau ada yang kurang ngerti tinggal di translate aja kok di mbah google ~ Berikut pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang bisa ditanyakan : Dear ___________

Hello, my name is  ___________ and I have a few questions regarding your company’s products. Could you please tell me what your policy is on animal testing? In particular I am interested to know:

a) is your finished product tested on animals?

b) are the raw materials and/or ingredients tested on animals (by yourselves or third party) ?

c) do you sell your cosmetics in countries that have a mandatory animal testing policy, such as China?

d) if ‘no’ to the above three questions, what is the method used to test the safety etc. of your products and/or ingredients?

e) is your brand owned by a parent company that has a different animal testing policy than yours? If so, do they participate in testing on animals during any period of the manufacturing process (including third parties)?

f) do you carry any products that are vegan? g) do you have halal certification ? if yes do you have link/image of certification to prove your company’s product carry halal certification, if no what do you do to make sure that your product is halal ?

h) What kind of Glycerin your company’s product used ? If your answer is ‘no’ to question a-c, may I inquire as to why you’ve not readily added your company to the Leaping Bunny Program? Here is the link: http://www.leapingbunny.org/register.php. I know many of customers *(or friends etc.)*, as well as myself, trust the Leaping Bunny Program’s information on cruelty-free brands. Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, _________ Yang kukosongkan diisi dengan nama sendiri ya, bisa diubah sesuai dengan keinginan masing” ^^. Oke sekian informasi dariku. Kalau ada yang sudah mencoba & mendapat respon jangan lupa ya sharing” mengenai produk halal & vegan lainnya, I’d love to hear about it. Thank you for reading Semoga bermanfaat ^^

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