Simple Black & White

Sorry to disturb u with my old fashion style, but yes I’d prefer choose vintage, glam, & classic fashion style  which involve the black & white colour. I hope it can be inspiration for all of you who want to look simple, classic & elegant, and of course with ‘ Simple Hijab ‘ 

 It’s been a while I didn’t post about my fashion.
I always love black & white colour.
Including this dress & style.
*ngayal ala Sonya Eryka vr Covered style

I love my new lovely boots <3 

Ceritanya jalan sok jadi model. >.< 

Thankyou soo much to my friends, and Dyah to make my dreams come true, especially for photoshoot, she has photography’s eye.

They are Fitri, Dyah, Dita, n … I think u know who girl wear black scarf.
and say hello to my new friends, this milk taste soo good makes me feel full after drink this.

Byee .. C u at the next post ^^


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