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God, I’m fallin love with RED

This post is about cap cis cus or obrolan alias ngerumpi everything smell ‘red’.
So be careful about what you love, and what you hate.
So, why I’m fallin’ love with red?
I have no idea why I fallin’ love with this colour, especially for my lips, most girl scared to wear this colour, they said,” It’s too bright and make me feel shame coz everybody paying attention to me” or
” I feel  too much and this is not natural make up!,” Yes I feel this way too but when I try to ignored that, the more I ignored, the more I got interested, especially when my mom do not allowed me to wear this red lipstick. She told anything to make me stay away from red lipstick, the dangerous when you wear those red, what the bad effect to you. bla bla bla..
” But mom, I know where I should  going to wear those red,  I have my own taste, and it’s not scary as you think” I said to her.  She keep said ‘NO’ and we keep arguing each other but I just say “YES” to red lipstick, and when I wear that, I think my scary imagination that everybody payin’ attention to me it’s not happen. They just look then they ignored it, it’s not like my imagination, so I’m kind of happy to the reality speak ” It’s not scary as you think, baby,” those red lipstick like saying that words to me.
So I just smile, then feel confidence on my self, talk to my self that ” You’re not ugly as you think,”
and guess what ? some hot guys paying attention to me, hahaha feel shy & embraced, feeling a lil’ bit happy. Well, siapa sih cewek yang gak suka dipandengin cowok cakep ? they usually ignored me.
So, what happen to my mom which I called the ‘haters’ about red lipstick ? now she fallin’ love with red lipstick and she want my red lipstick, haha I think she already crazy about them. So I just buyin’ some red lipstick for her. xD
So, what so good about red lipstick, anyway?
The good thing is I instantly feel classic beauty, feeling like a star, a heartbreaker (even I don’t want to but I already did :p) brave, cool, confidence, smart, independent woman, difficult to conquer by man, elegant, and ambitious woman.
So when I feel down I wear red lipstick. 🙂 It’s ‘up’ my mood and give me the power of confidence (especially for people like me who have melancholis behaviour on their self). I don’t feel crisis on my self confidence alias krisis kepercayaan diri. Biasanya terjadi sama orang” yang mempunya kepribadian melankolis (like me).
“Don’t wear me everyday darl, it’s dangerous for your lips if you wear me everyday” those red lips saying that words to me. Yes, I know wearing lipstick for your daily make up isn’t good for your lips, coz you know lipstick contain some chemical material too.
You wear red lipstick, where do you think you’re going ?
Kalau mood lagi pingin photoshoot sendiri di kamar atau di atap rumah (bukan di genteng loh xD),

mau ke party, mau ke kondangan, mau ke big mall like Galeria/Centro, ngeceng ke pantai yang banyak bulenya :p, mau kemana aja yang tempatnya high class and dituntut harus tampil kece, and yang penting kalo lagi ada gebetan, hahaha I’ll steal your heart, make you bend on your knees so you’ll not look any woman in the world except me. Well, I’m typical of woman who have evil heart if I fallin in love, I’ll do everything (as long as not opposite from the rule of my religion) that makes him blind to me. So bring it on you RED LIPS. Gyahahahaha *evil face xDAnd it’s perfect combination when you wear black outfit and bring the nail too. ^^

Oke. Sekian dari aku.
Ada yang punya pengalaman tentang lipstick merah ? Tell me 😀 I’ll be really glad to read yours 😀


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