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Self potrait : Friday

Thank’s God it’s Friday. Alhamdulillah! 😀
When I was blogwalking in Dana’s blog. I really feel inspired to post something different for my blog.
She often makes some post about fashion, daily-looks, and self potrait. So I just interested and try to make my own too. ^^
So .. Check this out :
Well, I’ve just using Odbo lip tint and edit by Camera 360 Magic skin and add a little bit effect from
some online photo editor : The result is pretty amazing I think.
Well, in this post I just want to share a little bit problem about my family.
Yesterday, I had to take my granny with my father and brother to her doctor. She has problem with her  lungs and she’s always coughing and throwing up what she eat. She can’t eat, she can’t moved, and the worst is she can’t breath in normally way. I feel so sad recently until I can’t get happy with the other thing happen in my life. I always pray in the night that she will become better, better and better. 
She was waiting her doctor.
Ya Allah.. 
My God..
I hope she will get better as soon as possible and become healthy as usual.
Now, she’s already drink the medicine from the doctor, and Alhamdulillah she’s get better, but  she still sick.
Not like the ordinary person can walk normally, she have to walk very slowly or use wheelchair.
Ok, I think that’s all about it.
Now, I want to go to Dojo to get exercised, and after that, watching Hotel transylvania in my lovely bed room. ( I already watched twice, but still not feel bored) xD
Hope you guys have a great weekend 🙂
If you guys have some self potrait like me, try to share your link, I’ll be glad to read yours. ^^
Thanks for reading 🙂
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