New Year Fashion 2013 : Sailor mix Dina tokio

Hi ! this is me when I wore Sailor clothes and blue jersey.
I created my hijab ala Dina Tokia : Turban style.
I know it look weird but actually this is my dream from along time ago. I wanted to wear this clothes.
Before I didn’t wear hijab, I would wear some short skirt and long straight black hair, just like an old high school tenagee in Japan, but now I don’t want to wear them so I create my style and it become like this :
My favourite things :
Design, Art, Fashion, Love, Lip, Car, Cake, and Pizza.
Photographer : My Brother
Using : Xperia X10 Camera
Editor photo : Me
Well, I just want to share you my dream. When I was a kid I really loved Sailor Moon. 
 Lalu disini rata-rata fotoku bergaya Melankolis, lemes-lemes gimanaaa gitu.
This photo was taken by yesterday at the afternoon 31/12/2012
Life goes on, gak terasa kita sudah meninggalkan tahun 2012 yang diisukan mau kiamat (ada-ada saja)
This morning, when I was in the traditional market, the way was really quiet, and everybody I met, they always said,” Happy New Year Mam :),”
I wish u have a better future, better life, for me and u.

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