New Year (2013) : New Name

Maybe some of you asked, why I change my title blog from : My name is Shani become Anne.
Well, it’s simple.
It’s because My Name is Shani is too long when I try to edit my photo and add my title blog on my photo.
So, Anne is simplier, shorter, easier to remember. Beside my mom and my family is always call me “Anne“. When u spell in Indonesia accent you just say “Ani” which hear “Anik“.

I really love that call. I think this my blog which it part of my life and my chance to get to know some knowledgement, new people, new friends, and of course : new life.
I feel much better after I have this routine : blogging.

Okay, I think that all for my explanations about this.
Thanks for reading 🙂

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