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The Body Shop White Musk for Men Eau de Toilette review

Hello ­čÖé
This is the most treasure perfume I have in the world :
The Body Shop White Musk for Men Eau de Toilette 
I bought this IDR. 450.000
I really love it!!!!! >,,,<
If you smell the fragrance, I think it really suit for your man because this fragrance completely make you lost your mind. I can not explain it in words. Ya Allah, I don’t know there is a perfume like this in the world. Alhamdulillah I can bought this.
(+) point :
1.) This fragrance makes me feel calm and feel madly in love.
2.) Recommended product if you want have fantastic night with your lover. 
( I recommended this for my future husband)
(-) point :
Repurchase ? OF COURSE !!!

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