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What’s your dream ?

” What’s your dream?,”

Sering aku bertanya kepada diriku sendiri tentang mimpi-mimpi yang ingin kucapai selama aku masih hidup.
Saking banyaknya, aku buat list tentang mimpi-mimpiku di kertas dan kuhias sebagus mungkin.
Tapi tetap saja harus ada point” penting yang harus kutargetkan dalam mimpiku ini, seperti :

1.) I want to get my partner life from Allah SWT.
Because I know marriage is Sunah from my prophet Muhammad SAW.
When you get married, the air you breath feel better and the world feel clear and beautiful. You have clear vision & life.

And It really feel wonderful when you have someone taking care about you, love you with tender, and make you feel amazing everyday in your life.

I want to get hugged by man who is my husband, he make me feel calm and peace deeply in my heart.
 I’ve got commitment, responsibility of taking care my husband, and my children.
It really beautiful when I imagined someday I make my little family in sakinah mawadah warohmah.
I hope this dream can be truth. Aamiin.
2.) Soon I will graduate from University and after that
I want to get a great job who suit to me and bring me to successed,
highly paid with Halal way and Halal money.
I want to buy everything I want, and share my money to people who needs it.
I want to make my parents proud too that they not wasting their money to get me college.
 (I think everybody want this after they graduated from college, right?!)
3.) I always want to live in a place where it have a fresh cool air, green mountain view, free from pollutant, transport is easy, and I never worry about food, religion, people, and culture.
Where is that place ? I think maybe it impossible because every places have (+) point and (-) point.
But sometimes I feel bored live in Denpasar when I never feel calm in this place, especially about :
mate, the air is always pollutant and hot, transport, religion, food, people, culture, etc.
4.) I want to own my dreamy house.
Look! this is my dreamy door. It’s purple and it so elegant.
Welcome to my dreamy house 🙂
This is my living room where I can do Mural Painting about Sunflower.
Just like the drama korea Coffee Prince no.1.
There will be comfy coach and smart TV 3D, and Indovision.
This is my dreamy dining room
This is my room for writing diary, blogging, reading books, painting, and drawing.
I want to get my bed room fluffy like this with colaboration villa style who have open window to the view.
Have a yard like this,where I free to run, free to sleep, free to paint without feel disturb from people.
Have a dreamy room like this :
Well, I know life doesn’t go as we planned.
But people live with dream and without a dream, our life feels empty.
I’ll work hard as far as I can do and trust My Beloved God (Allah) to help my dream becoming truth.
Amin ya robbal ‘alamin.
Well, that’s all my dream.
What’s your dream ?

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