DIY,  Lip gloss

DIY : make your own lip gloss

This tutorial I got from Wonderforest.
She really inspired me and I want to share it to all of you in my own way.
You will need :
  1. Eye shadow
  2. Vaseline petroleum jelly
How to make :
1.) Prepare your own color eyeshadow.
2.) Use your favourite color eye shadow.
3.) Blend it with vaseline petroleum jelly
and it become like this :
This is me when I wear my own homemade lip gloss.
It really easy and fun!
Yah manfaatnya lip gloss ini selain melembapkan juga jauh lebih aman digunakan ketimbang beli tahu-tahunya mengandung bahan berbahaya, ya ga ?!


Ok. That’s All.
Happy Trying xD


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