Edit Photo with Xiu-Xiu

Wanna have looked like this ?

Try to use XiuXiu Photo Editor 🙂
You can download in Google.
It’s really easy and FUN!
I never feel this way when I try to use photo editor!

1.) Running  XiuXiu Photo Editor and choose photo what ever you like.

Choose the icon where there is a symbol I draw

2.) Then Just Klik & it become like this :

 3.) Select the area you want by the pen tools.

4.) Then choose the backgound u like. Then save it with the icon save at the top-right.

5.) Then It’s done! Hoooraaaaay!!!!

Well, that’s it!
It’s really easy, right ?!
That’s what I’m doin, lately! xD 
I really love to used this photo editor, the filter, the background is really good.
You can try by yourself.
Happy Trying! 🙂

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