Who am I ?

 Hello everyone.  I want to introduce my self properly because I don’t want to become a strangers to readers and to my blog.

First, my name is Shani. I was born being muslim and I die as muslim. I love Allah as my God and I hate people who called all muslim is terorist, come on guys? do u agreed that if any people make fun of your religion ? Not every people in the world is bad person. There always a good person & bad person. Well, enough for that explanations.
I study English literature and Visual Communication Design.
This is me & my friends with crazy faces :


Beauty Profile

Skin          : Warm understone
Kind         : Normal to oily
Problem    : Dark spot
Actually I have a little acne on my chin (always like that when I eat too much nuts, or when I’m in condition PMS). I hope it can dissapear as soon as possible. Well, what about you ?

My hobbies is surfing internet, write a blog, reading comics/novels/any books I get interested, drawing/painting, and exercise karate. What about yours?
I really love Karate to make my body health because that sport make muscular in my body become bigger, and strong, it help me to heal my tonsil too. Beside, I can get a lot friends. I really love this club. I exercised Karate since 2nd grade in junior high school. I wish I can get black belt as soon as possible.

In my life, I love making new friends. But I hate one of my friends if their try to stab my back or say dirty words to me. In real life, I used to avoid them but in ilusion life, I used to blocked them.

Well, I really love painting or drawing.

Their my real desire in my blood since I was born 19 years ago. Even when my mom pregnant me, she always painting.
I hope one day I open my own shop who sells my artwork.

Beside painting, I love cat. I have 5 cat in my home :

First, her name is Catty.
She’s 8 years old.
She is moody. love to escape. jaim banget/arrogant. & have marbles eyes.
but i still love her, she is my mother favourite cat. xD

She has daughter, her name is Sammy.
Her age is 7 years old.
She is super model cat, dia suka berpose saat aku memfotonya.

and then 3 persia+angora cats added in my family :
First, her name is Cherry.
Her age is 5 years old.
She love to be spoiled. kind. very cute. very soft fur. sensitive.
u can see her fur behind this photo smooth…
Then she born her daughter and her son.
Her name is Jasmine.
She’s just like criminal cat.
and the last boy is Bobby.
He’s boy but he’s feminime.
U can read more about him in here
We all just like Cat’s family.

The reason why I blogging ? read it at here
Topic blog gue adalah : tukang nge-review produk kecantikan, curhatan tak berguna, mimpi-mimpi, culinary, and personal life.
Well, I think that’s all about it. You can read about my random things at here
Hope u enjoy my blog. xD


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