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Review Vaseline Healthy Sunblock SPF 30

Tadaaaa this is it ..
Vaseline Healthy Sunblock SPF 30
I bought this in Hypermart Rp 23.500.
I fallin in love with Vaseline since many reviews told this is a very recommended product for sunblock lotion.
I agree! It’s easy to buy and it’s cheap than the other brand sunblock. Then after I bought this, like usually every saturday I going to the beach. I wear it 15 minutes before I swim.
Then …..
Here the description

(+) point :
  1. My skin completely protected from cruel sun light.
  2. I didn’t feel my skin became burning and smarting! Alhamdulillah!
  3. The price is affordable!
  4. Easy to clean, when you washed it with soap, it already released. Love it!

(-) point :

  1. Baunya menyengat alias bikin mabok.

Terus bagaimana dengan kehalalan Vaseline ? well .. produk ini adalah keluaran PT Unilever Indonesia, sedangkan Unilever Indonesia sudah disertifikasi halal.

 Sekian informasi dari aku.
Thankyou for reading ^^
Hope it inspire you

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