My New Look Jacket

Thanks to Lala, she is one of my close friends in campus who help me a lot.

This photo taken in campuz, especially at BK (Belakang Kantin)

Smile 🙂

Berdiri Tegappp … GRAK!
My friends and me had waiting the lecturer for along time. So we spent a time for narsis a lil bit.
This is actually look.
Penampakan sesungguhnya :p

Those photo taken in classroom. It was hot in this class but I’d like to wear it just for narsis for a short time. LOL
Which one I look better ? The Black one or the Blue one ? I think I’d prefer Black.

Ok that’s all about it. Actually this jacket make my body become bigger than usual. I love this jacket but it feel hot to wear it, but it’s okay, I still like it.

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