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Lovely Henna Day

I very rare to paint my hands wih henna. I used to color my nail & paint my hands. Today I do it again but the design is very simple. Now I just want to share my pic a years ago till now about my favourite hobby.

This is Rani henna paste from Arab. I bought this almost a year ago. I really love henna tatto. Which it the colour are red, orange, brown, or black, my favourite colour is red & black. It’ll be really good when you paint your hand with henna paste.

I’ll paint my hand & become like this :

This is my peacock design. I learn this from Uncle Google.

This is my ethnic design. I saw it at Google but a little bit changed into my style.
And when I washed my hands, it become like this :

I used to take photo on my rooftop. I really love to take photo at here coz it makes me feel being in different places & the background is good.

Just a little bit edit and you ready to ROCK ON!

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