In Australian Consulate General Bali

Hi hi
Actually this moment already happened when I was second grade in high school.
It was Kang GURU’s birthday, so they invited to all students in Indonesia who can speak English and have related with Australia, every school just can bring one teacher and one pair of students. Because I can speak English my teacher took me into this place.

I really felt honored to being invited into this place. Can you imagined that? It’s really rare & treasure moments to come in this place, not everyone can come to this place.
I came to this place at 6:00 PM. When I wanted to enter this place, like usually I had to meet security and they checked all stuff in my bag and passed the x-ray to scan my body free from dangerous things. Then when I started to walked in, this gate was sure big and reminds me of jail :

” Wow! Awesome!,” I said when I passed this gate and after that, I found this scenery :

People are chattering and speaking English. I just felt like in another country. But it was still in Bali. I was so happy to came to this place. This was the stage just for important people :

That was special tent. Just important people who can sit at there.

The event begun started. The Australian Ambassador, Bill Farmer, was speaking at the consulate.  The next person to him is Mr Lext Bartlem, Australian Consul-General and the KGI team. Uaaaaakhh that was unbelievable moment I can met all of them in my entire life. Actually I wasn’t really understand what he told because he spoke really fast. But I did understand the moment when he wanted to gave reward to employee in Kang Guru.

The Australian Ambassador, Bill Farmer and his wife, Elaine, Singing the song they wrote to celebrate twenty years of Kang Guru.
Well after this event, the next even was game when we can asked any people about their favorite hobbies, foods, where they come from, etc. Well, I met a lots of new people and I had a deep conversations with them. Alhamdulillah that I understand English.
From the most people I knew, he was the person that I had a very long deep conversations. I almost spoke for more than a hours with him. He traveled a lot so I asked him wherever the places he got visited. Until our throat dried and our mouth tired to talk, we ended the conversations. I got a lots of knowledge from him, and the most important fact I knew about foreigners was they so respected about people who wants to talk with them, who want to give a speech, and give reward to people who have hard work for their community. It’s really different when I see the culture in my country.
So .. the event ended. We have to go home.
Goodbye Australian Consulate General . I hope someday I can visit you again.
Me, My Friend, My teacher.

This is the photo I got from public board at I/A/L/F.
Ya Allah .. My photo have been exposed in “Mading” I/A/L/F. I feel embrassed and happy. Yaayy!!!
The second day is celebration Birthday Kang GURU. So I went to  I/A/L/F but the event already half started so I miss the first event when my name came out to got Iphone. But shit! I late 2 hours because I didn’t know it started at 4 pm and I came at 6 pm. I thought the celebration time started like the first day. So I missed the Iphone, it so wasted! Well, sudahlah! It’s not my sustenance. ToT

The fire show has started, and I became really exciting!!!
Alhamdulillah … I really feel grateful that I have a rare experience like this. I meet a lots of new experience, people, friends, and important people.
I hope someday when I worked, I can meet new experience and the absorbed world like this.
Aamiin ya robbal ‘alamin..

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