Nikmat Delicatessen

Tadaaaaa … This is it .. The First Halal Bacon I’ve found t in the world!!
I bought it today in Hypermart Supermaket. Long time ago at the first time I see couple from Turki bought this. I actually shocked when I read word “bacon” coz I only know it made from pig.
But when I read it made from beef/kalkun, & beside there is certificate Halal from MUI Indonesia, so I bought this bacon after asking my mom to buy this one.
Alhamdulillah ~ 😀
So start from how to cook them. It very easy!! Anyone can do it!
Rip the plastic. Isinya dikit banget!
I bought this Rp 15.750 
Then mix it with water + garlic, wait until 5 minute.
Garlic make the taste become more tasteful.
Don’t forget to add a little bit Olive Oil to your grill pan.
Grill them 
Then It’s done! It’s really easy & fun! 
It taste sooooo delicious!!!
After I ate this, I tried to drink chocolate milk from freezer, and I feel so GOOD!!
I wish I can drink Soda but I can’t drink it now because my tonsil still big. 
 Well, this is absolutely menu I want to eat when New Year come. I want to eat it and drink a bottle of root beer. Feel the party.
Later, I want to try this bacon with BBQ sauce.

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